Frey Flavour Battle

Raisins or raisouts for this flavour battle, what do you think? Exclusive to Checkers.

A Class of Their Own

You’re in a class of your own! Happy Teacher’s Day. Exclusive to Checkers.

Pink October

Donning our pink ribbons in support of this worthy cause! 💗 Exclusive to Checkers.

Perfect Evenings

The perfect end to a perfect evening

Snuggle Buddies

Nothing like a snuggle with your favourite friend 😍

Wine o’Clock

When it’s wine o’clock and chocolate o’clock; you’re right on time!  

Flavour Battle

For this flavour battle: Orange you glad there’s hazelnuts? Or are you nuts for dark orange chocolate?


Guilt-free chocolate!

On a serious note folks, as coveted as cocoa is, sadly a lot of suffering surrounds the manufacture of chocolate. At Frey we believe these unconscionable practices must stop. That’s why we are UTZ certified. This ensures our farmers get a living wage, their children go to school and environmentally friendly farming techniques are used. A very good reason to enjoy guilt-free chocolate!

Chocolate is Happiness

But you can make them happy by sharing.

Women’s Day 2017!

Aztecs regarded cocoa as intoxicating, and reserved it for male warriors and priests; puh! Smash patriarchy and treat yourself to a Frey today! Happy Women’s Day ❤