What’s your Freyvourite?

What’s your Freyvourite? 😜

Galileo Open Air Theatre

Snuggle up with our outdoor cinema partner, The Galileo Open Air Cinema.

Summer Treat on Repeat

Summer treat on repeat 😜

Worth It

Totally worth it 😂

Happy New Year

Let’s make 2019 a sweet one 😄🎉 Happy New Year South Africa!

Boxing Day

Remember – sharing is caring! Happy Boxing Day friends! 🎉

Christmas Day

We hope your festive season looks a little like this 😋🎄🎁

Day of Reconciliation

We are better together! Happy Reconciliation Day South Africa and enjoy the long weekend 🇿🇦

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The Galileo Open Air Cinema

The Galileo Open Air Cinema is back! The perfect setting for indulging in your favourite milky treats under the milky way ⭐ 😋