Happy Father’s Day

Because dads deserve to be spoilt as well 😊 Happy Father’s Day to all our special dad’s out there 💼

Happy Youth Day

Wishing you an invigorating Youth Day South Africa 😀

The Corn Supremacy

The Corn Supremacy? 😂

Forget the Socks

Forget the socks, buy dad chocs 😎

The Dark Mint

The Dark Mint Rises 👀😉

World Environment Day

Celebrate World Environment Day the right way, because sustainable cocoa just tastes sweeter 🍫😊

Candy Corn

Candy corn reinvented 😀😍


The best sort of accompani‘MINT’ 😉☘

Be extra

Be a little extra 😉

Stop at muffin

We’ll stop at muffin to get our chocolate fix 😍

Exclusive to Checkers