No diet December

Whose on board with no diet December?

Raisin the game

Raisin our game

Hello Summer


Hello Summer!


Exclusive to Checkers

Frey creations!

You won’t be barking up the wrong tree when you serve this delectable creation to your guests. Chocolate bark anyone? 😃

Exclusive to Checkers.


Sometimes, chocolate says sorry better than words ever could 💖

Exclusive to Checkers.

One month till Christmas!

It’s nearly that special time of year when chocolate flows like wine or is it wine flows like chocolate? What’s important is that they both flow! 😉

Exclusive to Checkers.

Milkshake Monday

Hello summer! Exclusive to Checkers

Frey Movie Night

The perfect companion for a quiet night in 😉 Exclusive to Checkers.

Double Trouble!

Our favourite kind of garnish 😏🍨 Exclusive to Checkers.

Chocolat Frey & SWISS rise together


Chocolat Frey and SWISS continue to rise together!
Chocolat Frey is proud to announce that we will continue to spoil Swiss International Air Lines passengers for three exciting years to come.
Onwards and upwards we go 🍫