Number one in Switzerland

Is there anything sweeter for a chocolate manufacturer than to be number 1 in the country with the highest chocolate consumption in the world? We don’t think so. This is why we are doing all we can again and again to please demanding chocolate lovers in Switzerland and throughout the world with our chocolate creations.

The brothers Robert and Max Frey laid the foundation for Chocolat Frey’s success story in 1887. Their passion for the finest chocolate products still lives on today and is expressed in every single product made by Chocolat Frey.

For more than 125 years all of Frey’s chocolate products have been a hundred per cent manufactured in Switzerland. High-grade ingredients are used, for example the finest cocoa beans. In the processing, too, nothing is left to chance. Each step of the process is perfectly adapted to the next and it’s only thanks to the care and experience of the finest chocolate makers that it’s possible to produce chocolate creations of such exclusive quality as those of Chocolat Frey. Wherever Chocolat Frey is found, the promise of Swiss quality lies behind it.